The Panelbeater Business that’s All About Networking!

14 Feb 2020

The Panelbeater Business that’s All About Networking!

You may have heard that the secret to success in life is not so much about what you know, but who you know. When dealing with the panelbeater industry after being in a collision, that saying definitely remains true. To have a successful experience, it’s all about who you know - which is why FixEezi is so proud of our networking abilities! Sure, our well-renowned service has a lot to do with our team of industry experts who really know their stuff, but it also has a lot to do with how we network. We believe we can’t offer you the absolute best panelbeater service without it. (Plus, we just love making friends!).

It’s the secret that sets FixEezi apart!

Here’s the full disclosure:

We Network with Panelbeaters

We couldn’t really call ourselves a ‘panelbeater service’ if we didn’t network with panelbeaters, right? Well, we have more than great chats with these panelbeaters and we do more than just ‘network’ with them. They are ‘on our network’. This means that we know all the reliable, trustworthy, reputable panelbeaters in every town. We know who to avoid and who to trust – and we have them on speed dial. If you want a panelbeater who has been recommended by others, we’re the people to call! We’ve already done the research (and the background checks), so you don’t have to.

See the checklist that panelbeaters have to meet to qualify to be on our network.

We Network with Capitec

Our partners, Capitec, are ready to stand in the financial gap! Nobody plans for a car accident so when the unfortunate happens, it can be a real financial burden – especially if you are uninsured! When the going gets tough, a network really helps! With Capitec, we can organise a short-term loan for you, so you can get your car sorted by a panelbeater – without the budget concerns. Fix now; pay later! That’s the benefit of a good partnership and a reliable network!

We Network with You

The main people we care about are you – the people who are in a scrape and need a way out: the people who are scrolling the internet for a panelbeater in their area while considering selling their organs to pay for the costs. We want to help you out. When you complete our quick and easy online form, we’ll start networking and give you all the benefits of our network! We’ll reach out, give you an estimate quote, and assign you to a reputable panelbeater in your area. When it comes to the dreaded ‘Financing’ word, you can either pay a deposit or get a loan through Capitec. Find out how to go about the process here.

There is one small snag. You won’t have any crazy, memorable stories to tell your friends about your panelbeater nightmares – but at least with FixEezi, you’ll have a fixed car and peace of mind (and hey, that’s a pretty great story in itself).

FixEezi is the panelbeater services, especially for the uninsured. We take care of your panelbeater needs from start to finish so that you can keep calm and carry on driving – as soon as that car is fixed!

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