Written your car off?       Don’t write off FixEezi!

28 Feb 2020

Written your car off? Don’t write off FixEezi!

After a car accident, you may get the devastating news from your insurance company that your car has been ‘written off.’ These words bring to mind images of a mangled wreck destined for the scrapyard. While there may be extensive damage to warrant your car being written off as ‘beyond repair,’ in many cases, from an insurer’s point of view, the car is just not worth repairing, even though the damage doesn’t look that bad. At FixEezi we get calls on a daily basis from people facing this situation.

Let’s say your car has seemingly minor damages that look like they can be fixed by a panelbeater. If, according to the assessor the repair costs are more than 70% of your car’s current value, then your insurer is likely to declare it as a total loss and ‘write it off.’

The Scenario

Take the above example which many of our FixEezi clients face: Your car’s current value is R120 000. If the assessor says the repair costs will cost more than R84 000, then your car will likely be written off. If your car is fully paid off you may opt for a CIL (cash in lieu) of repairs payment.Basically this means that your insurance company will pay you out a settlement amount – outlined in your insurance contract –  instead of them paying to have your car repaired at an autobody specialist.

Other reasons an insurer may decide on a ‘cash in lieu’ of repairs payout is that they may find that your car has been poorly repaired in the past, or has damage in the same area as before from a previous accident. Repairing the car is likely to affect any further warranty, and they are not prepared to take on that responsibility. If you have not used one of FixEezi’s reputable panelbeater’s in the past, then this could well be your scenario.

The Dilemma Instead of your insurance company taking responsibility to have the repairs done at a panelbeater, you now sit with an amount of money and a car that cannot be driven or has damage that will need to be repaired at some stage. If you do not make repairs immediately, the damage could get worse, costing you even more down the line.

It is quite likely that the money in hand from the ‘cash in lieu’ of repairs falls far short of replacing your car with another one.

You need a car. So what are do you do? What are your options? You contact FixEezi.

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The Solution

It is advisable to use your ‘cash in lieu’ of repairs payout to make the required repairs. But where do you start? This is where FixEezi rides in to save the day and help you spend your money wisely and get the repairs done with reputable panelbeaters who offer a lifetime warranty on paint and workmanship.

Once you contact FixEezi, we set in motion a chain of events that will result in your car being repaired at a reputable and vetted panelbeater in your area, and at competitive negotiated industry rates. You will be pleasantly surprised. Have questions? In this blog we answer your top 5 questions about our panelbeating services.

Should your ‘cash in lieu’ of repairs payment not quite cover the quote from our trained assessors, we have partnered with Capitec to help with the financing.

You need your car fixed and we are here to help you achieve that by handling the entire process from start to finish.


If your car has been written off, the last thing you want to do is write off FixEezi. You need your car fixed and we are your panelbeating service made ‘eezi.’

Contact us today, upload photos of your damaged vehicle, and get an immediate estimate from our trained assessors – fast; easy; online.https://www.fixeezi.co.za/how-it-works.