Panelbeater Repairs: Say Goodbye to Hidden Costs!

14 Mar 2020

Panelbeater Repairs: Say Goodbye to Hidden Costs!

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, bumper bashing, or fender bender, your head is probably spinning with all the calls you need to make, the repairs you’ll need to handle, and the nuisance you’re already anticipating. Even if you’re usually a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, when it comes to dealing with the panelbeater industry, you’ve become legitimately wary of their notorious hidden costs. Like many, you dread heading into the ‘panelbeater woods’, because the unknown risks and costs are a nightmare.

If you’re thinking: “If only I could get some assurance that there will be no hidden costs,” you’ve come to the right place! It’s time to wake up from these panelbeater nightmares.

Hidden Cost Nightmare #1

You take your car to a panelbeater, they give you a quote and then get to work. In the meantime, you hold your breath – hoping that their low quote was not just a ruse to draw you into giving them your business. Then you get the call and hear the dreaded news: here were “many extra problems” that weren’t included in the initial quote. Suddenly, you find yourself paying way more than you budgeted for.

Hidden Cost Nightmare #2

Alternatively, when you collect your ‘repaired’ car from the panelbeater, there has been no change to the cost, but you have a niggling fear that the panelbeater has cut corners, by using alien parts, taking short cuts, or covering over serious damage to keep the price low and attractive. In this nightmare, you drive away having more damage than what you began with, costing you more in the long run.

Hidden Cost Nightmare #3

Your car sits unrepaired at the panelbeater, while your insurance determines repair costs and what they will or will not pay for. These frustrating delays are completely out of your control. Whether the insurance chooses to pay for the damage or not, you end up having to pay excess ‘storage fee’ to the panelbeater.

Each of these nightmare scenarios is a punch in the gut. You wish you could just wake up. With FixEezi, you can.

Wake Up with FixEezi

These nightmares do not have to be your reality. Before you do anything, contact FixEezi – the expert service in the panelbeater industry, especially for the uninsured. Here’s what you can expect, step-by-step:

1.   You upload the images of your car’s damage onto our user-friendly website.

2.   We contact you and provide you with a trusted estimate quote.

3.   Once you accept, we allocate your car to one of our reputable panelbeaters on our network.

4.   We oversee the entire repair process and make sure that you drive away completely satisfied in your repaired vehicle – with a lifetime warranty!

But what about the stress of payment and the possibility of hidden costs? With FixEezi, you do not need to rely on insurance. If you cannot pay for the repair now, we will organize a short-term loan for you with our partners. You won’t have to leave your car at a panelbeater or wait to have your car fixed, and you won’t have to worry about hidden costs from unreputable panelbeaters! You need your wheels back in order – and you need them now!

To avoid nasty surprises, contact FixEezi today!

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