Lockdown with FixEezi –  Our 21-Day Blog Challenge

27 Mar 2020

Lockdown with FixEezi – Our 21-Day Blog Challenge

The COVID-19 global pandemic has completely interrupted life as we know it and affected every industry. For the next 21 days, you and your car are on official lockdown. That makes it the ideal opportunity to catch up on some reading by taking up our FixEezi 21-day challenge! We still want to stay connected - and what better way than sitting back and catching up on our helpful and relevant blogs. (They will help you fight the boredom too!)

You probably haven’t had the time to do your research about panel beaters and insurance matters, but now you have the chance. So, get prepared for post-lockdown when you’ll be back on the road! Once lockdown is over, you will be well-read and well-versed as to why FixEezi is your friend in need should you ever be in a car accident.

If you have already had the FixEezi experience, then please use this time to work on your personal customer testimonial or video and go ahead share that with us and with your friends.

Day 1

The best place to start is always at the beginning. If you are new to FixEezi, then our first 2 blogs are a great introduction to who we are, why you need to add us to your contact list and what the word on the street is about FixEezi.

Day 2

If you are involved in a bumper bashing or car accident, before contacting FiXEezi, you need to know what to do in an accident. It is also vitally important that you don’t lose your cool, but rather keep calm and know your accident scene etiquette.

Day 3

FixEezi’s reputation is built on putting you in contact with qualified, professional and reputable panelbeaters. We ensure that our network of autobody specialists tick all the right boxes.

Day 4

It is likely that at some point, you will be involved in a car accident. You need to be prepared. That is why we have given you a helpful list of items to keep in your car in case of an accident.

Day 5

There is nothing worse than being in an accident and the fault is yours. So to mitigate against this, our blog outlining which type of distracted driver are you? is essential reading.

Day 6

We really come into our own when you are the victim of an unfortunate event, such as a car accident. You can just keep calm and carry on because we will take care of all the logistics for you.

Day 7

The Coronavirus has made ‘panic mechanics’ out of many of us. But at FixEezi, we will set you straight about which car doctor you need: a mechanic or a panelbeater.

Well done – you are a third of the way through on the challenge and on lockdown!

Day 8

In this #lockdown period of #socialdistancing, you are probably really missing your #friends. We are here to inform why FixEezi can be your new #BFF.

Day 9

There is not a day that goes by that daily road traffic news does not include reports of car accidents. That is why you need to be aware of the top 2 causes of car accidents.

Day 10

The government may be clamping down on drinking and driving, but the statistics still show that DUI is one of the biggest causes of car accidents. Read our FixEezi warning and think before you drive.

Day 11

Pondering why you might need a panelbeater? There are many possible reasons. Here are 2 reasons that might surprise you.

Day 12

One of the many panelbeating services is having your car spraypainted or the paintwork touched up. This read: Wherever you are there’s a car paint shop near you will highlight exactly why FixEezi is your go-to panelbeating service provider. 

Day 13

We have all heard the stories of dodgy panelbeaters. That is why, just like Little Red Riding Hood was warned, we warn you to not talk to strange panelbeaters. We have the insight and have done the research and homework on your behalf.

Day 14

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a reliable panelbeater. If you are in an accident, you call us and we will do that for you. That is our job. That is one less thing for you to worry about.

One more week to go – how time flies when you are having fun reading our blogs!

Day 15

We are sure you have many questions about our FixEezi services. So we answer your top 5 questions.

Day 16

Breaking news! Read all about it! Why FixEezi is the next big thing to hit the panelbeating industry in 2020.

Day 17

You may not be able to go on an advanced driving course, but we have shared our top 5 defensive driving tips with you.

Day 18

By now we are sure you are having withdrawal symptoms from social distancing. Well, we have some customers who would like to meet you and share their FixEezi stories with you. Go ahead and make a cuppa – we’ll wait.

Day 19

The secret to life is not what you know, but who you know. If you want to get ahead, it is all about networking. At FixEezi we are the panelbeating service that’s all about networking.

Day 20

After an accident, you might get the news that your car has been written off by your insurer. We explain why, in this scenario, you should not write off FixEezi.

Day 21 We know Christmas is months away, but you might want to get in the festive spirit and read all about FixEezi’s panelbeater elves and why a panelbeater should be on your Christmas wishlist.